Well Sight Threadgill #1...continued

Caldwell County, District 1, Scully and Smith Oil Corporation, 400 N. Stagecoach Road, PO Box 572, Salado, Texas 76571, filed completion of the #1 well on the Threadgill Lease, S. Damon survey, A-91, 25 miles south of Austin near Dale, Texas.  Drilled to a total depth of 2180’, the operator set 4-1/2’ casing and completed the well through perforations at 2100-2120’.
The operator treated the well with 12,500 gallons of 15 percent HCI acid.  On a 24-hour test on November 20, 1991, the potential was 1036 BOPD, flowing from the casing through a ¼” choke.  Oil gravity was 40.5 and casing pressure was 130 PSI.  Wilbur Hammock, and independent petroleum engineer working on the project, calculated the bottom hole pressure to be 650 PSI.  “I was astonished that a well at a depth of 2100’ would flow through 4-1/2 casing,” he said.
“we are extremely fortunate,” stated Noel Scully of Scully and Smith Oil Corporation.  “Our success can be attributed to a complete team effort—excellent geology, excellent engineering, and a lot of luck.”  Scully and Smith plan to drill three more developmental wells this year, and three additional wells in early 1992.
GEOCO, an Austin-based consulting firm, developed the geology for the Threadgill #1.  According to John Sobehrad, a geologist with GEOCO, “The Threadgill #1 well was drilled 525 feet from a previous dry hole, and is the largest producing well since 1927.  In 1927, Texaco brought in the Clingensmith #2 well, with a potential of 1890 BOPD.”
 When we were drilling the well, oil was “swabbed onto the pits during a connection,” said Andrew Alff, another GEOCO geologist.  “We thought the well would potential close to 100 BOPD, but more than1000 BOPD was totally unexpected.”
Scully and Smith Oil Corporation bring together the expertise of Noel Scully and Michael C. Smith.  Scully, a certified public accountant, has 12 new field discoveries to this credit in 10 years.  In 14 years of exploration experience, he managed drilling and completion of over 160 wells in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  Smith, a third generation member of an oil business family-owned drilling rigs in western Oklahoma, and gained exploration and production experience in wells drilled from New Orleans to the Williston Basin.